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Telepharmacy - The New Buzzword in Independent Pharmacy

What is it?

Telepharmacy is the practice of a pharmacy, without the physical requirement of having a pharmacist on site.  A certified pharmacy technician is responsible for conducting the necessary steps prior to dispensing the prescribed medication to the patient. 

In telepharmacy,, a licensed pharmacist from a remote location conducts the necessary checks needed to comply with federal and state regulated boards of pharmacy. 

These checks include:

  • Data verification, (i.e. information entered into the pharmacy system by the technician)
  • Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
  • Product/Medication verification (ensuring the right medication goes to the right patient every time)
A pharmacist conducting a verification on a prescription for a telepharmacy

A pharmacist conducting a verification on a prescription for a telepharmacy

What are the benefits of telepharmacy?

When pharmacy owners are able to operate a telepharmacy, patients who typically would not have access to their medications from a community pharmacy now can.  

Pharmacy owners can reach more patients, employ more people and expand their business's footprint.


What do Pharmacy Owners need to know before opening a Telepharmacy

As with any traditional pharmacy opening, there are a vast amount of items that need to be conducted prior to opening.  This includes entity setup, licensing, permitting, Medicare/Medicaid registration, PSAO setup, and a whole slew of others.

This takes a lot of time and energy all while ensuring your current pharmacy is operating at it's highest level.  In addition, telepharmacy will create added work that will require you to have more prescriptions to verify from your main location.


How Scaled Enterprise Solutions Can Help 

By leveraging the SES network, pharmacy owners can take advantage of rudimentary tasks of verification to be on auto-pilot.  This allows the pharmacy owners and pharmacists on site to focus on their patients. 

It allows expensive pharmacist labor to be more effectively used to provide more time-intensive services such as immunizations, medication therapy management, compounding, adherence packaging, adherence monitoring and many others.


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